What is an Assessment?

Are 'Dues' different than 'Assessments?'

What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

What is a Community Association?

What is a Neighborhood Association?

What is the difference between a Homeowners Association and
a Neighborhood Association?

What is Association Management?

What is an Association Management Company and what do they do?

Does my community have an Association Management Company,
and if so, how do I contact them?

What is a 'Managing Agent?'

What is a 'Proxy?'

What is a 'Quorum?'

What is a 'Recuse?'

What is a Board of Directors?

How do I contact my Board of Directors?

What is CAI?

Is CAI a national organization or are they local to my area?

What Are 'ByLaws'?

What are Governing Documents?

What is a Lien?

What is the 'Declaration?'

What is an Estoppel letter?

What is an 'Easement?'

What is a 'Notice of Noncompliance?'

What is a 'Common Area?'

What are Ordinances?