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Payment Plan

If you have already received a Collection Notice or been contacted on behalf of your Association’s Attorney, you are not eligible to engage in a Payment Plan with Parklane Real Estate Services (“PRES”). Please contact the Attorney directly via the contact information on the correspondence that you received.

If have not been contacted or received correspondence from an Attorney, you may be eligible for a Payment Plan through the Management Office. Payment plans are not confirmed until you receive acceptance in writing from PRES.  PRES has no obligation to accept a Payment Plan Agreement with any owner at any time.

Payment Plan Agreement Terms:
I agree that demand of payment, presentment for payment, notice of dishonor, notice of non-payment, and all other notices except those required by law are hereby expressly and severally waived by the debtor, and is understood that the “Association” or “PRES” may, without notice, and without affecting liability of such debtor, renew and/or extend this agreement, accept partial payment thereon, or settle or compromise the amount due or owing. Notice is given that “Association” or “PRES” may at its option, report and access good and bad credit information (i.e., credit ratings, etc.) to/from credit bureaus and other appropriate entities. If I fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, the “Association” or “PRES” may:

1.     refer the account to a collection agent for further collection efforts,
2.     initiate legal proceedings,
3.     withhold “Association” benefits, amenities, or services, such as access to amenities and other privileges and
4.     assess all costs of collection.

Notice is given that the “Association” or “PRES”, in the usual conduct of its credit granting and collection activity, may release my account information for collection purposes. If I fail to make any payment when due, the “Association” or “PRES” may declare my entire balance due and payable 15 days after giving me written notice of default and after my failure to cure such default.

I agree to pay all fees due and payable, including but not limited to assessments, administrative fees, legal fees, special assessments, and interest. Interest will continue to accrue on all outstanding balances at a rate of 1 ½% per month. Failure to make an installment payment or honor the Payment Plan will result in the account in being referred to legal counsel for collection. Any and all administrative or legal fees would then be applied to my account.

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